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The historic Thomson Heritage Farm, established in 1898, originally covered 121 hectares of the Lower Mission. In the beginning, hay meadows and pastures covered the cleared land, but vegetable crops came to prominence when the Thomsons started Okanagan Mission Producers in 1932. The 1930s even saw a Tobacco crop for some years and the barn built to dry the Tobacco remains on the farm today. In the early 1950s the Thomson Families began raising a successful dairy herd. Once Gordon Drive was built across the farm in 1980, the dairy quota was sold and the transition was made to raising beef cattle. This continues today with the Thomson’s tradition of raising top quality Black Angus Cattle.

Farm work varies from season to season. Calving begins late winter and carries into spring. In May,  cows, bulls, and calves are transported from the farm to range on the Okanagan’s south slopes. Summers, we spend haying, irrigating, and tending to cattle on the range. Roundup starts late October, the cattle returning to the farm by November when calves are weaned and shipped to market. Winters, we spend making repairs on the farm, feeding the herd and awaiting the arrival of calves in the new year.